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Son of the Granite, Son of the Wind

Return to me at my call ...

Ruairí MacEibhir
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The Biography
I was born on the day that the Welshman Pádraig landed for the second time on Irish shores.

I am the son of Granite and of Wind. Among these people and in this year I am called Ruairí, which is a good name. I have other names, too.

I am the horse that bore you over your first jump, a Thóibín. I am the hauler of the stones for the walls hereabout. I eat the paltry grass and the flowers and I wade in the sea. I steal men and women, if I might love them, and I carry them off. I am the púca, and my riders come off me different people than they went on.

*laughs* Or that is the idea. I would be a more formidable fairy if I were more clever.

I am broad back and bone, stones and flowers, long work and green idleness. New things come slowly to me, but I have been here a very long time and I have seen too much change to be bothered anymore.

--Ruairí MacEibhir to Toby Blondell, The Grey Horse

Ruairí's full name (don't worry, he almost never uses it. ;) is Ruairí MacEibhir agus Mac Gaoithe. Pronounced (more or less) Rory MacEever agus Mac Gwee, it translates to "Rory, son of Granite (Eibhear, his father) and of Wind (Gaoth, his mother). He is a púca, an Irish fairy who wears the form of a human or a horse, as he chooses. He has moved between this world and the next, among humans and apart from them, since Saint Patrick arrived to convert Ireland to Christianity. Widowed some years ago, his main concerns now are his grown children and trying to learn more about the world in which he finds himself. Friendly, gregarious and curious, he often finds himself at a loss with human behavior, even after more than 1600 years.
The Muse
Squarish, but not heavy to look at. Strong jaw, but with a delicate sort of chin. Not so long a nose as some men's. Wide, surprised-seeming eyes, all black inside, so you couldn't tell what he was looking at. Clean shaven and trimmed like a man for his own wedding, with only the neat black and silver ends of the hair slipping out from under the tam. It was a pleasant enough face, and save for the eyes, as ordinary as soda cake.

--Anraí Ó Reachtaire contemplating Ruairí MacEibhir's face, The Grey Horse

Ruairí's outward appearance has only two characteristics that can be considered unusual: silvery hair that looks prematurely gray combined with his thirtysomething face, and eyes that are almost entirely taken up by very dark brown irises, showing only a dot of white at the corners. Those eyes are the mark of his fairy heritage, and these days he usually lets people assume that he's wearing some kind of unusual contact lenses. His strength, stamina and reflexes are considerably better than those of any human male of his apparent age and build, and even better than that of the average stallion. He can travel long distances at great speed in his equine form, and in his human shape can immobilize a man just by standing on his foot, or break his spine with a single blow. After a few unfortunate incidents in his past, he does do his best to avoid situations that might call for the last.
The Disclaimer
Ruairí is the title character of R.A. MacAvoy's delightful book, The Grey Horse. The book, Ruairí's only canon source, is set in the Ireland of 1882, but I have brought his timeline up to the present day for writing and RP purposes. This journal is for participating in writing communities and roleplaying only; no profit is being made and no infringement is intended. Indeed, I'd be thrilled if all of you would hunt down Ms. MacAvoy's books either online or at your local bookstore and let her make some profit off this, excellent writer that she is. Check out imperial_long to meet another of her amazing characters. This journal also has absolutely no connection with Richard Gere other than requiring a silver-haired, youthful-faced actor as an avatar. ;)

His children can be found at thehorseman, fey_fire, gifted_hands and a_chaitlin.

The mun (karihan) would like to thank the ever-awesome dien and the made-of-win hinkydoodle for using their mad graphicz skillz on Rauirí's behalf. *\o/*
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