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08 May 2009 @ 10:42 pm
Friday - A MacEibhir Family Glossary  
This prompt gives me a handy opportunity to supply a list of terms both English and Irish that crop up in writing and RP, not only for my boy Ruairí MacEibhir (sonofgranite), but for his children Anraí (thehorseman), Rory (fey_fire), Tadhg (gifted_hands) and Caitlín (a_chaitlin). You may also see them in the lj for his future grandson Liam (marcusisaspaz) and other related journals.

Púca: What Ruairí and his four children are, namely Irish fairies with the ability to shift shape to that of a horse. Púca as a race are tricky to define, and many inaccuracies have slipped into the legends humans tell about the creatures. Some púca can shift into a variety of forms, but the horse is the most common.

Connemara: A seaside district in the Irish Province of Connacht, in the west portion of County Galway. It consists of a broad peninsula between Killary Harbour and Kilkieran Bay and contains a large chunk of the county's Gaeltacht, or Irish-speaking regions.

Carraroe: An Cheathrú Rúa in Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), the Red Quarter. A village in Connemara, situated on a peninsula between Greatman's Bay (Cuan an Fhir Mhóir) and Casla Bay. Ruairí's wife, Máire NiStandún MacEibhir, was born and raised in the village. The couple raised their children nearby, in a house built up against Knockduff Mountain.

Wards: Wards are spells of protection and alarm, something that any of the family can cast, but Tadhg shows the greatest skill. My characters usually use the term to refer to either a place spell cast around the perimeters of their homes, or the protective medallions that Tadhg cast and ensorcelled for each family member.

The black door: The door separating life and death, or this world and the next. One of the key differences between human and fae is that fairies return from beyond the black door, while humans go onward. What this separation means to Ruairí, both a púca and a baptized Christian, or to his half-fae deceased wife or part-human children, has yet to be determined.

Gaeilge - I do my best to include definitions for any Irish Gaelic phrases I use in my prompts, but occasionally bits creep into RP unannounced. Let me just say here that my actual knowledge of Gaeilge is minute but gradually growing, and I'm more than happy to accept constructive correction from anyone who spots an error.

a bhúachaill: my lad, boy

a chara: my friend

a chroí: my heart

a chuisle: my pulse, a shorter form of "a chuisle mo chroí", pulse of my heart

a muirnín: my beloved, darling, or sweetheart

a stor: my treasure

cac: dung, excrement

m'anam: my soul, usually used as an exclamation.

Note: "a" is the form of my used when addressing someone directly. If saying "my" to refer to someone or something, use "mo".

If anyone would like a definition for any other terms or phrases in my writing for these characters, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to oblige. ^_^
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